D. Holmes Morton, MD, Founder, Pediatrician, Medical Director
Katherine Mascia, MD, Pediatrician, Geneticist, Assistant Medical Director
Louise Byler,
Executive Director
Lacrisha Diven, Registered Nurse
Hannah Hershey, Registered Nurse
Renee Kauffman, Staff Assistant
Vienna Kauffman, Laboratory Technician
Marta Roberts,
Receptionist and Office Manager
Russ Roberts, Maintenance
Erin Teague, MS, RD/N, LD, Metabolic Dietitian

POSITION OPENING for Registered Nurse (RN)

Central Pennsylvania Clinic in Belleville, PA has a full-time opening for a Registered Nurse (RN) to join our practice.

“The Clinic’s principal missions are providing primary care, elements of sub-specialty care, and conducting clinical research for special children and adults who suffer from genetic disease. Our patients are mainly drawn from Amish, Mennonite, and English Communities of Central and Western Pennsylvania.”
We are seeking a Registered Nurse to join the Clinic’s Medical Staff who will serve with the other Clinic providers in the care of patients and their families, both in-Clinic and in-home. The job is a unique opportunities for Anabaptists and Mennonite providers seeking a thoughtful integration of faith and vocation through serving Plain and English communities living with the complexities of genetic disease.

The Clinic is located in Belleville, thirty-two miles south of State College, PA and is at the center of the Kishacoquillas “Big” Valley in Mifflin County.

Position Summary
Location: Belleville, Pennsylvania
Position Title: Registered Nurse (RN)
Job Type: Full-Time

For More Information and a Full Job Description contact: louisebyler@centralpaclinic.org
Interested individuals should send cover letter, resume or CV to:  louisebyler@centralpaclinic.org

Or mail to:
Central Pennsylvania Clinic
PO Box 5806
Belleville, PA 17004
Office Telephone: 717-935-2065
Office Fax: 717-935-5560