When Dr. Morton drove into the parking lot, on the morning of the 1st Belleville Auction, he was delighted. What he saw were Black-Top Buggies, White-Top Buggies, Yellow-Top Buggies, big pick-up trucks, and large vans carrying Mennonite and English families to the Auction. The vehicles in the parking lot were a sign, a sure sign, the people from various Churches and Communities of the Valley were coming together, were working together to support a new local clinic, which is now providing informed, affordable care for children and adults with genetic diseases.

A wall hanging donated to the clinic from the 2nd Annual Belleville Auction in May 2015

Two years ago, a gifted quilt maker created a wall hanging, which caused spirited bidding at the auction. Its Buggies of many colors symbolize this coming together. Clinic board member Stephen Eck won the wall hanging, and donated it to the clinic. It hangs in our waiting room, and reminds us of the wonderful support so many are donating to the Central Pennsylvania Clinic.

Dr. Morton’s talk of “Black-Top Buggies, White-Top… and the inspired wall-hanging, gave Caroline an idea for a logo for the new clinic. She sketched the Buggy Tops of the Valley, added the Grey-Top of the Lancaster County Amish, and the Old Order Mennonite Black-Top with a rear window, a spoked-buggy wheel, and reflective safety triangles. And there, she had makings of a logo, symbolizing how we all are working together to realize Dr. Morton’s dream. Daughter Sarah, and friend Kasey Hults, refined and reproduced the logo. We thank them all for this symbol of our good work together.

Central PA Clinic

The Central Pennsylvania Clinic Logo designed by Caroline Morton